Rosenstein Laboratory for Embedded Bioelectronics
Brown University
School of Engineering

We are interested in improving the ways that integrated electronic systems interface with the physical world, by designing new high-performance electronic circuits and combining them with new materials and biophysical systems.


BioCAS 2023

Congratulations to Manar on her paper at BioCAS 2023!

Selahaddin Gumus Ph.D. defense

Congratulations Dr. Gumus!

Halpin Capstone Prize

Congratulations to Scott for winning the 2022-23 Doris M. and Norman T. Halpin Prize for Innovative and Interdisciplinary Senior Capstone Projects!

Best Paper Award

Kangping's paper was named the winner of the Best Paper Award for BioCAS 2021! (preprint / conference paper / extended journal paper)

BioCAS 2022

Congratulations to Pushkaraj on his paper at BioCAS 2022!

Dr. Kangping Hu

Congratulations to Kangping on an excellent PhD thesis defense!


A big welcome to Selahaddin Gumus! Sel is working on chemical information systems, and pursuing both a Ph.D. in Chemistry and an Sc.M. in Entrepreneurship as part of the Open Graduate Education Program.


Congratulations to Kangping and Jason for a new paper in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems! Super-Resolution Electrochemical Impedance Imaging with a 512x256 CMOS Sensor Array

Impedance Imaging for Microbiology

Congratulations Kangping and Chris on papers coming up at BioCAS 2021 and SENSORS 2021! Check out a preprint here: Super-Resolution Electrochemical Impedance Imaging with a 100x100 CMOS Sensor Array

HOT Article

Congratulations Chris A. and the Brown Molecular Information team on being featured in the 2021 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection! Leveraging Autocatalytic Reactions for Digital Image Classification

Associate Professor

Prof. Rosenstein is now a tenured Associate Professor.

W. M. Keck Foundation Award

We are very excited to be starting a new project with the Guduru lab, to design to world's fastest infrared microscope! [W.M. Keck Foundation]

CMOS impedance imaging sensor arrays

Congratulations to Kangping and Chris on two new papers accepted to IEEE Solid-State Circuits Letters and ISCAS 2021!

Dr. Pratistha Shakya

Congratulations to Pratistha on her successful PhD thesis defense!

NSF SemiSynBio-II

We are thrilled to be starting a new NSF grant to explore new ways to connect CMOS microelectronics with electrical activity in living communities of bacteria. More details to come!

Multicomponent Molecular Memory

Our paper on data storage using Ugi multicomponent reactions is now published in Nature Communications. This has been a great Brown Engineering + Chemistry collaboration, congratulations all around! Multicomponent Molecular Memory

Dr. Chris Arcadia

Congratulations and well done Chris!


Congratulations Pratistha and Eamonn for their IEEE SENSORS 2019 paper being selected as a finalist for Best Student Paper! Time Series Feature Extraction for Machine Olfaction

Metabolic Data Storage

"Encoding Information in Synthetic Metabolomes, published in PLOS ONE and highlighted in Nature!

Congratulations Eamonn, Chris, and the whole Molecular Informatics team!

Dr. Shanshan Dai

Congratulations Shanshan, and good luck at Impinj!


Congratulations to all on an excellent BioCAS 2018!

Chemical computation

Check out our preprint on parallel computing with chemicals, which will be presented at ICRC 2018:

Statistical chemical vapor sensing

The first papers from our chemical sensor network project are out! Congrats Eamonn, Pratistha, Mustafa, and Prof. Chris Rose!


We are very happy to be participating in the DARPA Posh Open Source Hardware (POSH) program, together with the Prof. Sherief Reda!

Congratulations Caleb!

Congratulations Caleb for receiving the 2018 Jayakumar Summer Research Award, and welcome to the lab!

DARPA Molecular Informatics

We are thrilled to be part of a new DARPA sponsored effort aiming to store and process data using mixtures of small synthetic molecules. Click here to read the press release.

Congratulations Jason!

Congratulations Jason for being awarded the 2017-18 Doris M. and Norman T. Halpin Prize for his senior Capstone project!

60th Annual Midwest Symposium

Thanks to all who participated in MWSCAS 2017 in Boston, and especially to all of the great invited speakers in the Biomedical sessions. Special congrats to Jaime on a great presentation and paper.

Meniscus Contact Nanopore Sensing

Congratulations to Chris for an excellent article introducing our new meniscus-contact nanopore technique, which you can read in ACS Nano!

Summer 2017

Welcome Michael, Paul, and Billy for summer UTRAs!

High-Voltage CMOS Current Clamp

Shanshan's current clamp circuit was published in TCAS-II!

Congratulations Shanshan!

Congratulations to Shanshan, Rukshan, and Zi for their TBioCAS paper!

Summer 2016

Welcome Shiv to the lab for the summer!


Congratulations to Haeri for winning the Brown EE Outstanding Senior award, and to Carlos, Haeri, and Chet for graduating with honors!

New group members

Welcome to the lab Pratistha and Rukshan!

Summer 2015

Welcome Carlos, Chet, and Nikhil to the lab for the summer, and a big congratulations to Shanshan for her oscillator paper being accepted to CICC 2015!


Congratulations to graduates Jaime Jimenez (ScM), Zi Yang (ScM), Brant Hoffman (ScB, honors), and Sam Friedman (ScB, honors)!

Hello and goodbye, Summer 2014

Congratulations to graduates Max Gottesman (ScM), Stephen Weinreich (ScB), and Jeanette Miranda (ScB), and welcome Andrew Tian and Sam Friedman to the group as undergraduate summer fellows!

Congratulations Stephen!

Congratulations to Stephen Weinreich for receiving the Brown University Distinguished Thesis Prize for his honors thesis, "A Wireless Glucose Sensor on a Paper Substrate"

Electrochemical Imaging of Metabolites in Biofilms

"Integrated circuit-based electrochemical sensor for spatially resolved detection of redox-active metabolites in biofilms" was published in Nature Communications. [link]

Nanopore-Based Protein Analysis

"High-Bandwidth Protein Analysis Using Solid-State Nanopores" was published in Biophysical Journal! [link]

Fast Hafnium Oxide Nanopores

"Slow DNA Transport through Nanopores in Hafnium Oxide Membranes" was published in ACS Nano! [link]

Welcome Shanshan

Shanshan Dai joins the group as a graduate student.

Summer 2013

Kevin Jung & Cynthia Barajas presented their research at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium, IMNI REU Mini-conference, and Brown Summer Research Symposium.


Jacob presented "Temporal Resolution of Nanopore Sensors" at the 2013 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology conference in Osaka.

Welcome Chris

Chris Tow joins the group as a graduate student.

ssDNA Hompolymers in Solid-state Nanopores

"Differentiation of Short Single-Stranded DNA Homopolymers in Solid-State Nanopores" was published in ACS Nano! [link]

Ion Channels on a CMOS Chip

"Single Ion Channel Recordings with CMOS-Anchored Lipid Membranes" was published in Nano Letters! [link]


Embedded Microelectronics for the Life Sciences.

Nanopore sensors, ion channels, and electrophysiology We are developing high-performance electronic systems for nanopore sensors for the next generation of single-molecule DNA sequencing, as well as looking into new ways to measure and use ion channel proteins with electronic systems.

Chemical information systems How can we better use electronics to acquire and process chemical information, and how can we use chemicals for information storage and computation?

Mixed-signal electronics We want to be at the cutting edge of extending and applying mixed-signal design techniques to ultra-low-power and ultra-low-noise applications.

Ubiquitous sensing and computing We think everything should be electronically active, and are exploring new ways to integrate electronic features into things around us.

Join the Team

PhD Research Assistants: We are recruiting new PhD students in Electrical Engineering and/or Biomedical Engineering for Fall 2024. Please also reach out by email!

Postdoctoral Associate Opportunity: Creative and motivated scientists from all physical science and mathematical backgrounds considered. Please get in touch by email to share your CV and to learn more!

There are multiple projects available immediately for motivated undergraduate and masters students. Please contact Prof. Rosenstein by email if you would like to discuss a research project or thesis.